Wholesale Cake Boxes and Bulk Cupcake Boxes

Constructed from only the highest quality premium card, our strong and practical cake boxes help you to protect and present your delicious creations for your customers. Allowing for the fuss-free and convenient transportation of cakes and cupcakes, these cake boxes are also easy to assemble and available in a range of styles to suit your requirements.

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Stocking an extensive selection of cake boxes and accessories, we have smart and protective cardboard packaging suitable for a wide range of sweet treats and bakery items. To help you select the right packaging solution for your bakery business or cake decorating company, we explore the various types of cake boxes in greater detail below.

What are the different types of cake boxes available? Buy boxes for cakes at Packaging Chimp

Cake Boxes

Easy to assemble and available in many different sizes (from a compact six inches up to a significant 20 inches), these smart white cake boxes can be used for transporting individual cake portions as well as elaborate wedding and celebration cakes to their destination. Packed in quantities of 10s, we offer fantastic bulk discounts, too!

Cupcake Boxes

Does your business specialise in cupcakes rather than large celebration cakes? At Packaging Chimp, we also provide durable cardboard cupcake boxes that have been specifically designed to safely store multiple cupcakes. Available with free next day delivery, you won’t have to worry about customers waiting around for their sweet treats.

Windowed Cupcake Boxes

Ideal for businesses that want to show off their creations without exposing them to the elements, our windowed cupcake boxes are made using a combination of strong cardboard, paper and cellophane. Suitable for standard-sized cupcakes, these cake boxes are a great option for cake decorating businesses.

Cake Boards and Drums

Add instant support and stability to your tasty creations using our vast selection of silver cake boards. Alternatively, if you want to add even more support to your sensational cake structure, we recommend taking a look at our wide range of cake drums. Thicker and stronger than cake boards, cake drums are best for heavy, multi-tiered cakes.

Buy cake boxes at Packaging Chimp

Eager to boost your bakery business with quality packaging solutions? Look no further than the friendly and responsive team at Packaging Chimp! To place an order or find out more about how we work, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0330 380 1809, email us at sales@packagingchimp.co.uk or submit your enquiry online.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose cardboard cake boxes?

The preferred choice for packaging and presenting cakes, cardboard cake boxes are lightweight, affordable and eco-friendly. Above all, they keep the cake within fresh and edible for a longer which is ideal for both preventing food waste and keeping your customers coming back for more!

How do you fold cake boxes?

Incredibly easy to assemble, most cardboard cake boxes can be quickly folded into place by simply following the lines on the product. By creating creases along these lines and using the cut outs, it’ll begin to form a container shape that effortlessly slots together in a matter of seconds!

Which size cake box do I need?

Before you buy a cake box, you’ll need to start with the board. The cake board should be slightly larger than the cake circumference to allow the cake to be picked up with ease and provide space for decoration, if desired. As a result, the cake box should be the same size as the board to help secure the cake and prevent movement during transit.