Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

-          Double Layer of Heavy Duty Corrugated Cardboard with Kraft Outer.

-          Excellent Durability and Resistance to Crushing.

-          Ideal for Packing Heavier and Larger Consignments.

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Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

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Pack Qty
Price Per Box (Ex VAT)
1-4 Packs
5-9 Packs
10+ Packs
152mm 229mm 152mm Small Double Wall Box 15 WCAHD0001 40.6p 36.5p 32.5p
229mm 305mm 229mm Small Double Wall Box 15 WCAHD0002 71.5p 64.3p 57.2p
610mm 610mm 610mm Large Double Wall Box 10 WCAHD0005 £4.59 £4.13 £3.92
300mm 450mm 160mm Medium Double Wall Box 5 WCAHD0006 £1.99 £1.79 £1.59
254mm 387mm 235mm Medium Double Wall Box 5 WCAHD0007 £1.59 £1.43 £1.27
305mm 455mm 360mm Medium Double Wall Box 5 WCAHD0009 £2.79 £2.51 £2.23

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes


Our double wall cardboard boxes are made from sturdy, double lined cardboard. They offer superior strength to single wall cardboard boxes, and can hold greater weight and offer more durability than single wall boxes. Here at Packaging Chimp, we stock a large range of sizes, ideal to suit every need and use.

If you are interested in placing a bulk order with us, contact us directly to speak to our dedicated customer service team to find a solution that works for you. You can purchase any of our double wall cardboard boxes through our website with all orders over £50 receiving complimentary next day delivery.

Double wall cardboard boxes are designed for heavy duty use and benefit from two sheets of corrugated cardboard. This means the boxes are difficult to break, tear or split. Perfect for stacking, transport and storage, the double wall cardboard boxes can be bought from Packaging Chimp in many different sizes.


Double wall cardboard boxes are ideal for moving large volumes of stock by courier or postal services. The double layer of corrugated cardboard means that the double wall boxes offer superior support and strength, meaning items are far less likely to be damaged than standard single wall cardboard boxes.

Double wall cardboard boxes are also extremely useful for stacking. Due to the additional strength of the boxes they can be stacked on top of each other without damage to the contents or boxes. This makes the boxes ideal for long term storage with its increased durability.


Packaging Chimp provides a large variety of double wall cardboard boxes, ideal to suit every need you may have. To further discuss your options around the range that we sell, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team.