Tamper Evident Bags

- Tamper Evident Glue Line

- Protects Against Freezing, Heating and Tearing

- Clear or Opaque Options

- Tear off Receipt to Help Auditing 

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Tamper Evident Bags

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Pack Qty
Price Per Bag (Ex VAT)
1-4 Packs
5-9 Packs
10+ Packs
180mm 315mm Extra Tough White Security Pouch 250 BINT0105 22.2p 20.7p 18.5p
180mm 260mm A5 Clear Security Bag 100 BINT0106 20p 17p 15p
180mm 260mm A5 Opaque Security Bag 100 BINT0107 20p 17p 15p
260mm 400mm A4 Clear - Security Bag 100 BINT0108 25p 23p 20p
260mm 400mm A4 Opaque Security Bag 100 BINT0109 25p 23p 20p
400mm 520mm A3 Opaque Security Bag 100 BINT0140 35p 32p 30p
400mm 520mm A3 Clear Security Bag 100 BINT0141 35p 32p 30p

Tamper Evident Bags

The ranges of tamper evident bags are used for a number of uses and applications. From the safe and secure transport of currency to the storage of evidence in police use, the tamper evident bag range we supply is perfect for protecting valuable or confidential items.

Tamper Proof Bags 

Our Tamper Evident Bags are 'platinum' standard and protect against all known forms of tamper. The Tamper Evident Bags we supply protect against freezing, heating and tearing, making our tamper resistant bags the most secure you can buy today. 

Tamper Evident - Features

A number of high level security features are implemented into the tamper evident bag range. The use of a ‘tamper evident’ glue line will clearly display if the bag has been tampered with. The bags are also made from extra strong polythene which ensures the bags cannot be ripped easily.

The opaque finish ensures the contents are kept confidential and unable to be seen therefore protecting the identity of any valuable items enclosed.

A tear off receipt is also featured on our tamper evident bags which help with the audit of items reaching their locations or successfully referenced. Each bag can also be supplied with a sequential number to further help the audit process and to provide full traceability of each item.


The strong, lightweight polythene design reduces postage costs while not compromising on strength and integrity. Our tamper evident bags are also 100% fully recyclable, enforcing our commitment to the environment.


Our Tamper evident bags are made from high strength, durable polythene. Ensuring the bag cannot be easily ripped or torn. The tamper evident bags we supply are designed with the protection of high value or confidential items in mind.