Compostable Mailing Bags

- Fully Compostable Mailing Bags 

- Designed to Compost Within Home Compost 

- Eco-Friendly Mailing Bag Solution

- Double glue line to encourage re-use. 

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Price Per Bag (Ex VAT)
1-4 Packs
5-9 Packs
10+ Packs
400mm 525mm Compostable 100 BINT0148 24p 22p 21p
250mm 350mm Compostable 100 BINT0146 15p 14p 14p
345mm 445mm Compostable 100 BINT0147 20p 18p 17p
455mm 605mm Compostable 100 BINT0149 29p 26p 25p

Compostable mailing bags offer an eco-friendly mailing solution. When choosing a mailing option, compostable bags offer a solution that is better for the environment, because they are compostable. The double glue line seal is designed to offer onetime re-use, as an added environmentally friendly addition. Therefore, these bags can be used twice and are fully compostable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about all of the waste your producing when making shipments of products. Mailing bags are used in many different industries because they are versatile and cost-effective. In industries that ship out thousands of products a day, the use of compostable or bio-degradable bags can make a huge difference.


Businesses today are more concerned with how they are affecting the environment with their operations. Compostable mailing bags provide an option that allows businesses to choose a safer option for their business. These bags are made from bio-resin that will break down over time, so it doesn’t sit in a landfill for all eternity. It is an ideal alternative to plastic bags. Compostable mailing bags are as strong as regular plastic bags, so you don’t have to worry about whether your contents are going to make it to their destination.


Ship your contents with ease and feel safe that they will get to the destination protected. The bags are designed to be durable enough that they won’t become pierced, which can lead to the contents becoming lost in transit. When choosing mailing bags, you want to make sure that they are durable enough to safely ship the contents. Mailing bags provide the user with an option of sending oddly shaped contents in a package instead of a box, so it can save on postage. There are various shapes and sizes to accommodate the shipping of a wide range of contents.


Compostable mailing bags allow your business to keep the organic waste out of the landfills. Making a commitment to the environment and your customers will appreciate it. Compostable bags can be put with the rest of the compost and are a great way to eliminate waste. Some businesses recycle, which gets rid of some of the waste, and others use composting to eliminate waste. Environmentally conscious businesses are consistently looking for different ways to make a difference. And with a price point not much different than traditional mailing bags, going green with compostable mailing bags is a solid investment.