Grey Mailing Bags

- Made from Premium Durable Polythene.

- High Opacity – Hides Contents of Polythene Envelope.

- Protects Against Rips and Tears. 

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Pack Qty
Price Per Bag (Ex VAT)
1-4 Packs
5-9 Packs
10+ Packs
305mm 405mm Medium Grey Mailer 100 BAMA0001 6p 5.5p 4.5p
250mm 350mm Small Grey Mailer 100 BINT0112 5p 4.9p 3.3p
350mm 400mm Medium Grey Mailer 100 BINT0113 7.8p 7.6p 5.2p
400mm 525mm Medium Grey Mailer 100 BINT0114 8p 7.9p 6p
505mm 600mm Large Grey Mailer 100 BINT0115 11.4p 11.2p 9.7p
600mm 700mm Large Grey Mailer 100 BINT0116 19.5p 17.5p 14.3p
700mm 800mm Large Grey Mailer 100 BINT0117 21p 18.9p 16.8p
830mm 1050mm Extra Large Grey Mailer 100 BINT0118 26.8p 26.5p 23.9p

Grey mailing bags are made from premium durable polythene and provide a high opacity. The grey colour makes it so that the contents in the bag cannot be viewed, which provides added protection. The material is made with a design that protects against tears and rips. The mailing bags are made from a premium material that has three layers. This allows the bags to be more durable so that the contents won’t fall out during transit. With a variety of thicknesses and sizes to choose from, you can easily find a mailing bag that provides the right protection for shipping.

When you are looking for an affordable way to ship products, grey mailing bags are a good option. Many businesses choose to ship their products to customers in boxes because the cardboard barriers provide protection during the transportation process. However, the use of boxes in shipping can be expensive, because the contents may not completely fill the box. That is why many shippers use bags. They can choose the bag that the contents can fit in easily. Because the bags are durable, they make a good alternative, which saves on shipping costs.

When you are shipping a product or item that doesn’t need the added protection of a cardboard box, you can easily choose to ship with a grey mailing bag. The opacity will allow for the contents to not be visible, so the contents can be shipped discreetly. Because it is one of the most popular and cheapest packaging options and comes in a variety of sizes, grey mailing bags are frequently used. Plus, there is minimal waste involved in its disposal, because the plastic bag can lie flat. Some plastic bags are even reusable, so they can be used to ship things back or use again for other customers if needed. It is an ideal way to ship contents back and forth to save on shipping costs.

Grey mailing bags are very light and waterproof, so there is less worry if the package is dropped off on a customer’s front step. The thickness of the bag can help to provide extra protection against rips and tears, so there is less worry about handling of the package. The standard thickness is between 45 and 60 micron, which makes it very hard for the package to be punctured on the inside from the contents or the outside from other packages.