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Here at Packaging Chimp, we sell a wide variety of mailers and mailing supplies that are long-lasting, durable, and the most competitive price-wise and quality-wise! Whether you need mailing bags, eco-friendly mailer envelopes, grip seal bags, jiffy bags, and other types of mailers for your packaging and shipping needs, we’ve got them all for you!

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Buy Mailers, Envelopes, and other Mailing Supplies

Our mailers, mailing bags, and other types of mailing supplies come in various sizes and were designed to hold goods whether delicate, light, or heavy-duty. We have mailers made from plastic, mailer envelopes made from kraft paper, compostable, and degradable mailers, jiffy bags, grip seal bags, bubble-lined mailing bags, padded envelopes, etc. Our collection of mailers can hold different items such as magazines, catalogues, books, documents, clothing, jewellery, arts and crafts, and many more!

Easily pack your products through peel-and-seal strips or the double-line glue on our mailing bags. Protect goods through our strong mailer envelopes, jiffy bags, grip seal bags, padded envelopes, and bubble-lined mailers, as they were fashioned out of high-quality, durable materials that won’t easily be punctured, torn, or ripped. They’re strong against water and other weather elements, too!

If you support and promote environment-friendly mailers and supplies, our range of compostable and biodegradable mailers are also the perfect packaging supplies for you!

The wide array of jiffy bags, grip seal bags, and mailer envelopes here at Packaging Chimp can help you save on shipping costs versus packing and shipping your goods in boxes. Our collection of mailers are lightweight so they’re more economical, yet they were made from good quality materials, so they’re as durable as can be. Choose among our padded mailers, non-padded mailing bags, bubble-lined mailers, kraft mailer envelopes, polythene mailers, and eco-friendly mailers, and we can ensure that any of these mailing supplies can protect your items well – whether for storage, packing, or shipping purposes!

All sizes of our mailers and mailing supplies are approximate and subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 5mm