Pallet Wrap and Stretch Wrap Rolls

Here at Packaging Chimp, we offer pallet wrap options for different requirements. Our collection of stretch wraps were designed to secure loads, so you won’t need to worry about those loads becoming loose while they’re being moved from one place to another.

Our high-quality film wrap stretches easily around a pallet, and we have different types, whether you need hand stretched pallet wrap or rolls of film that work well with pallet wrappers. Our products ensure that objects in pallets are better secured and bound tightly, even when in transit. You can also use this stretchable film for wrapping boxes.

Enjoy free next day delivery of strong stretch wrap, shrink wrapper, and pallet wrap supplies from Packaging Chimp, on all orders over £75.

Pallet Wrapping

Pallet wrapping, also known as stretch wrapping, is a widely used packaging technique in the e-commerce industry. It involves securely fastening products onto pallets by tightly wrapping them with a stretchable plastic film. One of the key uses of pallet wrapping in e-commerce is to ensure safe and stable transportation and storage of goods. By tightly securing the products to the pallet, pallet wrapping prevents shifting or toppling, minimizing the risk of damage during transit. Additionally, pallet wraps act as a protective barrier against environmental factors like dust, dirt, and moisture. This helps to preserve the quality and integrity of the goods, ensuring they reach customers in optimal condition.

Pallet Wrap

Pallet wraps, also known as stretch wraps, are essential tools in the e-commerce and logistics sectors. These thin but durable plastic films are specifically designed to securely wrap and safeguard palletized goods. Pallet wraps excel in their ability to tightly cling to both the products and the pallet, providing excellent load stability and containment. From an e-commerce perspective, pallet wraps offer an added advantage by acting as a moisture barrier. Moisture can pose a significant risk to various products, potentially causing degradation or rendering them unusable. By employing pallet wraps, online businesses can effectively protect their goods from moisture, be it humidity, rain, or accidental spills. This moisture-resistant feature plays a vital role in preserving the quality and usability of the products throughout the supply chain, reducing the likelihood of damage or spoilage.

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Best Quality Pallet Wrap from Packaging Chimp

Our pallet stretch film is used in different industries throughout the UK.

Multi-layered, our stretch wrap, film wrap, and shrink wrapper collection is competitive and was created with efficiency and cost reduction in mind. Each pallet wrap has protective and easy-stretch qualities, for the successful wrapping and securing of items, whether in storage or distribution.

Pallet Wrap Machines

Nowadays, there’s a faster and more efficient way of wrapping objects in pallets, and this can be done through pallet wrappers. The automated wrapping of pallets with machine stretch film wrap makes the process consistent, so no film is wasted, and you’re assured that the stretch wrap used every time is sufficient.

Whether it’s a light load you’re wrapping, or a heavy, unsteady load, you can secure any pallet with our shrink wrapper more quickly, with the use of a pallet wrap machine. Packaging Chimp machine stretch film wrap is highly stretchable as it’s made from LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene) known for its good elastic recovery, so it won’t tear or rip even when used in pallet wrappers that can stretch film 200x to 300x more, compared to wrapping pallets by hand.

Our machine stretch pallet wrap also features better load containment, which means that a lesser amount of stretch wrap is used, but at the same time, your pallets are kept safer and more secure.

Business owners, especially medium-sized to enterprise ones would find using our film wrap with pallet wrapping machines great for increasing production and improving wrapping quality. This also promotes load reallocation, allowing employees to focus on other tasks such as loading the pallets in trucks, processing orders, providing support to customers, etc., instead of spending more time wrapping pallets.

Hand Stretch Wrap

Small businesses usually don’t use pallet wrappers or machines and do the wrapping manually. This is where the hand stretch shrink wrapper from Packaging Chimp comes in! This type of film wrap isn’t suitable for use in pallet wrapping machinery, but it’s perfect for use with stretch wrap dispensers.

Our manual pallet wrap is highly recommended if you’re wrapping under 50 pallets daily, and if you’re using human labour for wrapping, rather than using machines or pallet wrappers. This manual shrink wrapper can be stretched 10x to 20x and is tear-resistant. Use this film wrap to keep objects waterproof and protected against dust.

Don’t let the clear design of this Packaging Chimp shrink wrapper fool you! It’s strong enough to protect pallet contents against damage, especially because it’s made from durable polythene. Our pallet wrap also has a cardboard roll inside, making it easier to dispense and use. Another use of this hand stretch film wrap is for storage strapping, so it can help you store and organize cables, extension cords, hoses, and a whole lot more!

This hand stretch wrap is also used by mid-sized businesses, even large-sized businesses that prefer pallet wrapping to be done manually. It’s multipurpose, strong, and helps keep loads clean, dry, and protected against the elements.

Shrink Wrap & Pallet Shrink Wrap

Our polythene shrink wrapper is used to wrap magazines, books, comics, etc, tightly, so they would be impossible to read before purchase. This is perfect for bookstores, convenience stores, and department stores.

This type of film wrap is also useful for giving extra protection to food containers, helping prevent accidental spillage, and even helping extend the shelf life of food. Many food production companies use this type of stretch wrap.

The shrink wrapper is similar to the pallet wrap because it can keep items close together. You can bundle items with it without the bulkiness you usually get from bundling items in boxes. In other words, shrink film wrap is quite convenient and cost-effective.

Made from durable plastic, this Packaging Chimp shrink wrap is not easy to puncture or tear, and it also won’t become brittle even when exposed to extreme cold or heat. It can protect objects of different shapes and sizes and keep them secure, especially after heat is applied to seal them.

Just like our pallet wrap and stretch wrap, this shrink wrapper protects against tampering, so even pharmaceutical companies nowadays shrink wrap medications and other healthcare products. Some government agencies and banks even use a special type of film wrap that changes colour when the film has been stretched, as a sign that it’s been tampered with, or that the contents inside have been touched.

Other Uses of Packaging Chimp Pallet Wrap

Our stretch wrap is versatile, so it’s not just useful for wrapping objects and pallets, and for securing those during shipping and distribution. Other uses of our good quality film wrap include:

Bundling items

Preventing objects from moving around while in transit

Protects against damages

Suitable for both low-volume and high-volume packing

Reduces costs because even a huge volume of items can be packed in pallets

All sizes of our pallet wrap supplies are approximate and subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 5mm.

For large or bulk orders of our shrink wrapper, stretch wrap or film wrap, or if you wish to learn more about our next day delivery offer, contact us via email or chat, and we’ll be glad to assist you and find the perfect solution based on your requirements.