Postal Tubes

Here at Packaging Chimp, we sell cardboard tubes designed for packaging and transporting delicate documents such as posters, artwork, maps, and blueprints. Our postal tubes are high quality, so they’ll help get your items from point A to point B, safely and securely.

Each cardboard packaging tube is sturdy and durable, so each item within is better protected against knocks and bumps that could take place during transport. Eco-friendly, this Packaging Chimp cardboard tubing collection helps lessen your carbon footprint. Each packaging tube also comes with end caps designed to protect your fragile and important documents.

NOTE: We also produce cardboard tubes that fit Royal Mail sizing requirements.

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Buy Cardboard Tubes from Packaging Chimp

These postal tubes are cylindrical and made from wood pulp, created to protect different types of documents such as artwork, posters, maps, blueprints, etc. Rigid, durable, and sturdy, this cardboard packaging tube collection is strong enough to withstand the pressure and stress that could take place during shipping and transport.


Stronger Postal Tubes

Most cardboard tubing products are spiral-wound and made stronger by adhesives. Cardboard sheets are cut into thin, ribbonlike shapes, then coated in adhesive, or wrapped around in an angle based on the desired shape. This process also adds more durability to each packaging tube. To create the desired level of strength in these cardboard tubes, multiple cardboard layers are added to the tubes.


Cardboard Packaging Tube Dimensions and Protective Qualities

We provide interior dimensions for each cardboard tubing, particularly the length and diameter, so you’ll know exactly how much room there is for your documents. Packaging tube lengths vary up to a length of 48 inches. Some of our cardboard tubes can have adhesive layers inside, or interior waterproofing, creating a waterproof seal, so documents are protected against water damage, especially during transit.

Packaging Chimp uses thicker cardboard for postal tubes that are meant to be used for mailing, transportation, or storage. Cardboard packaging tubes are designed with extra strength in mind, so they can protect those delicate documents against dents, bumps, and damages during transit. Tip: It’s essential to pick cardboard tubing that has the right length to prevent the contents from jumping around inside the tube, as this could lead to damage.


End Caps for Cardboard Tubes

Each packaging tube from Packaging Chimp has end caps or plugs on both ends. One plug is removable for the easy insertion of documents, then that’s sealed once the documents are inside, to prevent your documents from falling out of the tube, especially during shipping or transit.


Choosing the Right Poster Tubes

Our cardboard tubes are made from recycled materials, so they’re eco-friendly. Compared to plastic and metal tubes, our cardboard packaging tubes have a better strength-to-weight ratio, so they’re more cost-effective, letting you save more on shipping costs versus the use of metal or plastic tubes. Anyone looking for a durable, versatile, and environmentally-friendly shipping receptacle would find that Packaging Chimp cardboard tubes are the best option!

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