Environmental Policy 

Our approach to environmental issues focuses on the specific needs of our customers. We are committed to working together with

you to identify opportunities to reduce the impact of your packaging on the environment. Everyone is responsible for the

health of our world. We actively promote reduce re- use and recycle.


Our range of products allow us in certain cases to supply product that is made from either sustainable or recycled sources.

Not only does this benefit the environment but it can also provide cost savings. We strive to prevent pollution, maintaining our local environment in a clean and safe manner and encourage our suppliers to do likewise. We ensure that any emissions or waste generated by our site comply with regulatory requirements. Where possible our on-site waste is sorted for recycling purposes.


We believe that by producing our envelopes and bags from the most lightweight and durable material, which properly

protect the goods, we are helping to protect the environment. Without the use of these advanced polythene materials,

the damage to our environment from the use of heavier and more rigid materials would consume significantly more

resources. Furthermore, after fulfilling their primary purpose our polythene products give additional environmental

benefits as they can be:-


• Re-used

• Recycled into new products

• Generate energy through incineration


We clearly recognise that we all need to do our 'bit' for the environment and are fully supportive of any changes

in behaviour that produces a net environmental benefit. We continue to actively encourage and facilitate initiatives that

reduce unnecessary packaging and promote opportunities for re-use and recycling.


We are committed to helping the general public understand the facts whilst retaining a sense of perspective in the face

of those who see packaging as an easy populist target. The claim that consumers “don't really need” can be dangerously

misleading from an environmental perspective. The facts continue to speak for themselves in countries where inadequate

packaging causes significant and avoidable wastage. It also risks diverting attention from the much greater challenges

posed by our society's impact on our planet through consumption, travel and energy use. Ultimately, it will be people not inanimate objects that will affect the impact of packaging on the environment and our


Over Packaging 

Packagign Chimp is happy to provide any advice sought on over packaging and encourages against this practice. Pacakgign Chimp believes in simplicity in packaging and encourages all customers to help the enivoronment by not using excessive packaging for products. Please contact us for more information on how to package items safely and securely whilst mininimising the over use of packaging and other materials.