Evidence Bags

-  Tamper Evident Glue Line

-   Protection Against Heating, Freezing and Tearing

-   Sequential Numbers to Aid Auditing 

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Evidence Bags

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180mm 315mm Extra Tough White Security Pouch 250 BINT0105 22.2p 20.7p 18.5p
180mm 260mm A5 Clear Security Bag 100 BINT0106 20p 17p 15p
180mm 260mm A5 Opaque Security Bag 100 BINT0107 20p 17p 15p
260mm 400mm A4 Clear - Security Bag 100 BINT0108 25p 23p 20p
260mm 400mm A4 Opaque Security Bag 100 BINT0109 25p 23p 20p
400mm 520mm A3 Opaque Security Bag 100 BINT0140 35p 32p 30p
400mm 520mm A3 Clear Security Bag 100 BINT0141 35p 32p 30p

Evidence Bags

Evidence bags are widely used in the collection and storage of evidence for organisations such as the police, councils, trading standards or other agencies. The use of a tear off receipt is used for the successful audit of items.

Tamper evident features such as a strong, durable design and the use of a ‘tamper evident’ glue line helps demonstrate if the bag has been tampered with. The glue line will clearly demonstrate if the evidence bag has been heated, peeled, frozen, stretched or cut. This means you know if the bag has been tampered with immediately. Sequential numbers also help with the audit by allowing you to track each bag for individual items.


We can produce bespoke evidence bags to fit in with your organisations brand and image. We can produce virtually any quantity or design. To find out more about this service that we offer, please speak to one of our dedicated customer service team or use our contact form to discuss your options further.