Tissue Paper

- Many Colours To Choose From

- High Quality, Premium Paper

- Ideal For Wrapping Gifts

- Protects Items In Transit

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Tissue Paper

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Pack Qty
Price Per Sheet (Ex VAT)
1-4 Packs
5-9 Packs
10+ Packs
500mm 750mm Black 480 WAMA0053 3.1p 2.9p 2.6p
500mm 750mm Yellow 480 WAMA0054 2.7p 2.4p 2.2p
500mm 750mm Red 480 WAMA0055 2.7p 2.4p 2.2p
500mm 750mm Pastel Pink 480 WAMA0056 2.7p 2.4p 2.2p
500mm 750mm Purple 480 WAMA0057 2.7p 2.4p 2.2p
500mm 750mm Sky Blue 480 WAMA0058 2.7p 2.4p 2.2p
500mm 750mm Royal Blue 480 WAMA0059 2.7p 2.4p 2.2p
500mm 750mm Lime Green 480 WAMA0060 2.7p 2.4p 2.2p
500mm 750mm Dark Green 480 WAMA0061 2.7p 2.4p 2.2p
500mm 750mm Cream 480 WAMA0062 2.7p 2.4p 2.2p
500mm 750mm White 480 WAMA0063 2.7p 2.4p 2.2p

Quality Tissue Paper

Our tissue paper is created from the highest quality paper. The tissue paper we sell adds a note of luxury to the items that you are selling. The multi-use tissue paper can be used in a number of applications such as increasing the quality of packaging for delicate items or creating generous displays. Each ream of tissue paper that we sell constitutes of 480 sheets, providing excellent value.

Tissue paper helps add value to any product and increases the looks and deirability of any product. With 10 different colours to choose from, we cover every requirement. Tissue paper can also be used to securely wrap and decorate any delicate products such as glassware and help secure it for carriage.

We offer a wide choice of colours. Our full choice of tissue paper colours are:

- Black Tissue Paper
- Yellow Tissue Paper
- Red Tissue Paper
- Pink Tissue Paper
- Purple Tissue Paper
- Blue Tissue Paper
- Lime Green Tissue Paper
- Dark Green Tissue Paper
- Cream Tissue Paper
- White Tissue Paper

Price Guarantee

We also offer a price guarantee, meaning that we won’t be beaten on price for the same product. We check our prices against our competitors to make sure we offer the best value for the same product.

Free Delivery

We offer free next day delivery on all orders over £75 on all our tissue paper. We also provide large discounts for bulk orders.