Cake Boards

- Cake boards made from premium materials. 
- Creates a stable base for your cakes. 
- Silver finished to make your cake stand out. 
- Add a unique flavour with our cake boards. 
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Cake Boards

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Pack Qty
Price Per Box (Ex VAT)
1-4 Packs
5-9 Packs
10+ Packs
230mm 9" Silver Cake Boards WAMA0030 10 24p 21p 18p
250mm 10" Silver Cake Boards WAMA0066 10 29p 26p 21p
200mm 8" Silver Cake Boards WAMA0067 10 22p 19p 17p
150mm 6" Silver Cake Boards WAMA0068 10 19p 15p 13p
175mm 7" Silver Cake Boards WAMA0075 10 21p 17p 15p
280mm 11" Silver Cake Boards WAMA0077 10 33p 29p 24p

Cake Boards

Our cake boards are made from the most premium card to ensure a strong and lasting base for your cakes. The cake bases we sell are used most commonly in different cake types. Our cake boards are widely used in such things as: 

- Christmas cakes. 

- Birthday cakes 

- Easter cakes 

- Wedding cakes 

Our round cake boards are used in many different applications and are perfect to create a stable base for your creations. If you are looking for a thick cake board or bases, we recommend purchasing these cake bases or cake drums.

Cake Board Sizes

We do the following sizes of cake boards: 

- 8-inch cake boards.

- 9-inch cake boards. 

- 10-inch cake boards. 

- 12-inch cake boards. 

Are you looking for a cake board that we don't stock? If so, give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you!