- Degradable Mailing Bags 

- Environmentally Friendly 

- Double Glue Line 

- Degradable Additive 

- Begins to Degrade Within Weeks

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400mm 525mm Bio Degradable 100 BINT0144 15p 14p 13p
250mm 350mm Bio Degradable 100 BINT0142 11p 10p 9p
345mm 445mm Bio Degradable 100 BINT0143 13p 12p 11p
455mm 605mm Bio Degradable 100 BINT0145 19p 18p 17p

Bio-degradable mailing bags are environmentally friendly bags that are made extra strong. They are designed to be 100 % recyclable. Plus, the mailing bags are burst proof, puncture and tear proof, and weatherproof. This allows the contents to be protected in any weather. Mailing bags are made perfect for heavier items, like files, textiles, printouts, and catalogues. They usually include a strong peel and then seal closure system for maximum security and added efficiency. The surface is made so that it was easy to write on and include stamps or labels.

Bio-degradable mailing bags are a better choice for the environment and can provide a way for businesses to minimize their waste. Plus, the design is made lightweight, which can minimize the costs associated with shipping postage. These mailing bags come in a large variety of sizes, so companies can use them to ship many different sized contents. These bags are both durable and lightweight. They offer an excellent solution for your shipping needs.

Mailing bags help ensure that your items are received in pristine condition and are protected from the elements during the shipping process. The adhesive strip that is included allows for easy sealing without the need for additional supplies. Plus, it creates an airtight seal that can allow the contents to be protected from water, dirt or other materials that your package may be exposed to. The bags are designed to prevent water from seeping into the bag and potentially damaging the contents. The choice to go green is one that shows that your company is responsible. It shows that your company is conscious and working to make a better tomorrow.

Many companies ship a lot of their goods and this can lead to a lot of waste. However, when companies choose to go green with biodegradable mailing bags, they are working to minimize the negative effects of the waste. After the bags are used, they don’t have much use and are thrown away. Choosing a bio-degradable option means that eventually, the bags will break down, so they don’t have as big of an effect on the environment. More companies today are looking for ways to not only minimize the negative effects their business has on the environment but gain support from their customers. Consumers look for companies that are environmentally conscious because they enjoy making conscious decisions about the companies they use.